Post-Move Support

Support settling into your new workspace

Staff often find moves to be stressful or confusing experience. Have our staff on hand to ensure that day one in your new workspace goes smoothly.

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Having our tech specialists on hand for day one in your new workspace will ensure that your staff are taken care of should they have any technical issues with their new or relocated setups. We can also make adjustments to ensure everything is setup just the way your staff like it.

It can also be helpful to have our general removalists on site should you have any last-minute changes that you'd like to make. We'll be able to attend to any issues immediately ensuring that you don't have to book and wait until we're able to attend to your site.

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Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

How long do you recommend post-move support be provided for?

For a small move a few hours in the morning is usually enough time to resolve any issues or make changes. For large moves involving several hundred staff it is recommend that post-move support is provided for at least one full working day, and in some cases for a second if many staff are expected to be out of the office on day one.

Can Element Relocations staff help with providing directions and distributing welcome materials?

Generally no as our staff are usually only available and trained for moving furniture/equipment or IT support, however please contact us if you have any special requests and we will try to accommodate.

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