IT Relocation

IT relocation and installation

Our specially trained team is equipped to relocate a wide range of desktop technology. If you're installing new technology we can help with that too, including an off site receiving and un-boxing service.

  • Cable management
  • Trained staff
  • Receipt and un-boxing

IT services can be provided as a standalone service or in support of a larger move of people and furniture.

Our IT relocation service includes complete disconnection, packing, and inventorying of all equipment at the uplift location. At the re-connection location our team of IT removalists will unpack, connect, cable manage, and check items off against inventory lists to ensure everything is connected correctly and nothing is missing.

For the installation of new equipment, we can take care of everything from un-boxing to testing. Un-boxing can either either be completed at your site or one of our warehouse facilities. By taking receipt and un-boxing at our facilities we can reduce the number of deliveries and the length of time we need to spend on your premises during what is often a busy time with contractors completing works. Installation is largely the same as with our relocation service with every completed setup checked to ensure that it is working and meets Element Relocations high standards.

Unfortunately, commercial desktop setups still come with many unsightly cables. With years of experience completing IT moves and installs we can offer advice on the best cable management solutions to discreetly manage cables so your office is kept looking tidy and organised.

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Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

Can you clean our IT equipment?

Yes. If some of your equipment is looking a little dirty but you're not ready to replace it yet we can have our team give it a clean.

Can you dispose of out old equipment?

Yes, we can dispose of any redundant equipment you may have after an upgrade or move. We'll ensure that old technology is disposed of responsibly with an E-waste processor.

Can you recommend which technology we should purchase?

Yes, we offer a consulting service and can provide recommendations on what equipment to purchase.

Have a question for us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your questions answered.

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