Consulting and move planning

We offer a range of consulting services to help your business prepare for a move. It's best to engage our team as early as possible so we can provide our expert advice before any decisions are made.

  • Expert advice
  • Move planning
  • Furniture and equipment selection

By engaging Element Relocations as consultants in preparation for your move you can get the best advice and learn from the mistakes of other businesses. Office relocations can be a costly exercise, so by taking expert advice you will help ensure costs are managed and the correct decisions are made the first time.

We offer a range of advice including management of move costs, furniture selection, IT equipment selection, fitout design, and more.

When completing a new fitout it is a great idea to take flexibility for future moves into account. Our team can advise on the selection of furniture or IT equipment that will enable quick and simple internal moves in the future, reducing move costs.

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Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

When is too late to ask for advice?

It's never too late to contact us for move advice, but we do recommend engaging with our team as soon as possible so we can work out a timeline based on your business requirements.

If we engage Element Relocations as consultants do we have to commit to using you for our move?

We're happy to provide our consulting services as a standalone service. We hope that you would also choose Element Relocations for any associated moves.

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