January 12, 2020

Comparing Utility Providers

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Utility Providers

When moving to a new house you’ll have to contact your utility providers to get connected at your new address. This can be a great time to shop around to make sure your getting the best deal. Read on to find out how to get the best deal.

Electricity and Gas:

The Victorian Government provides a comparison site to compare electricity and/or gas offers. Victorian Energy Compare is an unbiased site designed to help Victorians find the best energy deals.

As a bonus, just by using Victorian Energy Compare the state government will pay $50 (this offer ends 30 June 2020) to the account holder with no strings attached. Be aware though, you will receive payment in the form of a cheque in the mail so will need to allow enough time for the cheque to arrive before you move (or set up a mail redirection to your new address).

In addition to the Victorian Energy Compare there are several commercial comparison sites including iSelect, Canstar Blue, and Compare the Market.


Searching for an internet service provider (ISP) is where you will find the widest range of options and products. The same comparison sites mentioned above can be used to compare ISPs. Connection types available include ADSL, NBN, and wireless.  

If you’re moving to an area where NBN is available, then that will most likely be the fastest connection available to you. You can check whether your new home has NBN (or when it’s to be connected) on the NBN website.

Unlimited data plans are now standard as they allow consumers to use as much data as the like without having to check whether they’re going to exceed a data cap. If you know you’ll only use a small amount of data, a few providers still offer capped date for a slightly lower price.

As internet is typically delivered over the same infrastructure regardless of the ISP you choose the choice will have little impact on the speed of your connection. The main consideration when choosing an ISP should be the customer service they provide. Make sure to check recent reviews to see what current and former customers are saying about their experiences.


In Victoria you can’t choose your water retailer in the same way that you choose your other utility providers. Each water retailer covers a defined geographic territory and your property will only be serviced by one retailer. If the home your moving from and the home your moving to are in different territories, you will need to switch retailers.

Within metropolitan Melbourne there are three water retailers: City West Water, Yarra Valley Water, and South East Water. Regional water retailers can be found here.  

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